Why HypnoBirthing?

Nineteen years ago, I was newly pregnant with my first child.  I was thrilled…and to be perfectly honest, I was scared. I’d never been in the hospital before and didn’t know much about labor and delivery.  So, one day early in my first trimester while in the book store’s babies section, I found a book on self-hypnosis and birth.  And it made a lot of sense to me.  The author talked a lot about the mind-body-spirit connection to birth and offered deep relaxation meditations that my husband patiently walked me through each night.  In fact, the evening meditations became a time that we both looked forward to – a time to connect with each other and our baby. As the pregnancy progressed, I developed a deep trust in my body, my husband and my midwife – my labor team!  When my labor started, I labored comfortably at home, free of fear and tension.  After several hours, my midwife noted it was time to come to the hospital.  As soon as we entered Moses Cone hospital, my self-hypnosis kicked in and with each surge, I visualized blowing up a red balloon. In a softly-lit room, I labored and then delivered my beautiful first-born daughter Katharine less than two hours after we arrived. It was one of the most spiritual, beautiful experiences of my life.  So nineteen years and two more children later, I am now certified to teach these same techniques to other expectant women.  What a blessing to help women discover the power of their own bodies as they birth free of fear and completely relaxed.  Interested in exploring HypnoBirthing?  Contact me!

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