Intuitive Readings



The veil between the spirit world and our world is often thin. Spirit guides or guardian angels guide us to live our best life – helping us learn lessons that we need to learn or make healthy decisions – but often we don’t listen to these higher voices. That gut feeling is ignored. That feeling we had is dismissed as just that – a feeling and nothing more. By getting in touch with our spirit guides, we come to know that God is truly present, and loving guides are helping us develop into our best selves.

In the same way, loved ones who are long deceased can reach out and connect with us. Without fail, it is to share messages of love and guidance.

I believe that  we can all look behind the veil that separates the here and now with the spiritual world but often we don’t understand how to do this. I can help. As a trained spiritual intuitive and certified psychic medium, I can connect with those on the other side who have your best interests in mind – whether that is your spirit guide or deceased loved ones – and pass along messages and insight.

Readings are offered for 30 minutes ( $50)  and an hour ( $75). 

Group readings are also available. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

To schedule a reading, email or call 336.908.4458.